So i recently took part in a Street Photography walk, and my goodness what fun it was.

I couldn’t believe the enjoyment i got from this experience. From at first not knowing what/where/how to start. Once i started by taking a few images i couldn’t believe the enjoyment that it created inside me. It made me see life on the street through very different eyes.


I was apprehensive to peoples reaction whilst i was taking their photos, whilst trying to be discreet which to them may of looked or felt suspicious. However i never had an issue with any one, everyone just seemed to continue with their life and not pay me a second bit of notice. Which was a perfect result.

I choose to take all of my images in monochromatic as this gives a more gritty and real account of life. Plus it make me as the photographer have to think about the lighting and the shade.


Let me know your opinions and view of my images please?


with love