What with the festive period, and the new year i have been a little way laid in updating you viewers. I shall back with you at the end of next week with some new photos.

For now here is a cute little winter photograph of a robin i captured in the snow that we had in December

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Advice from a Mushroom

“Be down-to-earth

Sprout new ideas

Keep a low profile

Know when to show up

Stay well-rounded

Start from the ground up

Be a fun-guy!”


As it is the height of mushroom season, i thought i would share some advice from them and a few images i captured of mushrooms in Lytham St Annes.

With Love




Sunset and Palm Trees


Who doesn’t love a palm tree?

Who doesn’t love watching a sunset?


Sometimes in the busy and chaotic we all live in, we just need time to stop, and enjoy the moments that we surround ourselves in. If we can’t get this time of peace, its time to escape the rat race of the city and head to the coast, for relaxation of a holiday.


I have to admit i am a sucker for falling in love with the sunset every time i see one. This is nothing more pleasant than sitting and just appreciating nature and what mother nature creates for us all over the world every single day. Sunset


“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully” – Kristen Butler



with love



Whilst travelling in New England, I had planned an afternoon Whale Watching trip when we was stopping in the town of Gloucester. However as it was very blustery and wet, it was cancelled. This was a huge disappointment, but when learning there was 7ft waves out at sea, I knew where I was glad to be on the solid firm land.

To make the most of the brighter afternoon and our time, we took a taxi to the very quaint and interesting town of Rockport. I was so thankful of this taxi ride out to the town, as it’s charm was something very special. The weather by the time we got there had cleared up perfectly and to capture ‘Motif Number 1’ with such perfect skies and lighting was magical.


With love





An Image i have captured on my Nikon camera with a telephoto lens of the full moon. I find it fascinating that we are able to see from Earth all of the crevices and markings, and if you look close enough you may see the man in the moon too.


What are your thoughts of this image?


with love





New England

So at the beginning of October I went on amazing trip to New England for ten days. Here i visited many different beautiful and interesting places. I thoroughly  enjoyed my time here, the ambience of all the places i visited was always pleasurable. My time in Boston was just fabulous, it was a great city to explore as it is so accessible. It was one of the most cleanliest cities i have had the pleasure of visiting. In the City of Boston there was so much to do, as there is so much history along with modern facilities to enjoy and explore.

I will be doing more detailed reviews of the different areas and places i visited and enjoyed. But here is a small snapshot of the places i had the pleasure of experiencing.



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