So i recently took part in a Street Photography walk, and my goodness what fun it was.

I couldn’t believe the enjoyment i got from this experience. From at first not knowing what/where/how to start. Once i started by taking a few images i couldn’t believe the enjoyment that it created inside me. It made me see life on the street through very different eyes.


I was apprehensive to peoples reaction whilst i was taking their photos, whilst trying to be discreet which to them may of looked or felt suspicious. However i never had an issue with any one, everyone just seemed to continue with their life and not pay me a second bit of notice. Which was a perfect result.

I choose to take all of my images in monochromatic as this gives a more gritty and real account of life. Plus it make me as the photographer have to think about the lighting and the shade.


Let me know your opinions and view of my images please?


with love





Sorry i have been very quiet of late, life just seems to be passing by. I don’t know how it can possibly be March 18th already. I will be updating my page more regularly over the next few months i promise.


with love




What with the festive period, and the new year i have been a little way laid in updating you viewers. I shall back with you at the end of next week with some new photos.

For now here is a cute little winter photograph of a robin i captured in the snow that we had in December

with love





Advice from a Mushroom

“Be down-to-earth

Sprout new ideas

Keep a low profile

Know when to show up

Stay well-rounded

Start from the ground up

Be a fun-guy!”


As it is the height of mushroom season, i thought i would share some advice from them and a few images i captured of mushrooms in Lytham St Annes.

With Love




Sunset and Palm Trees


Who doesn’t love a palm tree?

Who doesn’t love watching a sunset?


Sometimes in the busy and chaotic we all live in, we just need time to stop, and enjoy the moments that we surround ourselves in. If we can’t get this time of peace, its time to escape the rat race of the city and head to the coast, for relaxation of a holiday.


I have to admit i am a sucker for falling in love with the sunset every time i see one. This is nothing more pleasant than sitting and just appreciating nature and what mother nature creates for us all over the world every single day. Sunset


“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully” – Kristen Butler



with love